Your regular cyanide dose

We live in a world of illusion, Not sure with anything and with uncertainty comes hidden stress. As India being the world most depressed country in 2018, With the various mental and behavioral disorders according to WHO. There is serious problem no one want to talk about, especially the entrepreneurs need to initiate progressive action to this neglected pain.

In terms of entrepreneurs, as per the study from the University of California, Entrepreneurs likely suffer this pain, fifty percent more than the average. Some disorders like bipolar syndrome are ten times likely to occur and suicidal tendency is doubled or being hospitalized for mental causes like anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Reflecting over the rear view mirror of your life wagon is vital for what gets measured gets accomplished.

As many people have stated that the work life is hard to define goals and align life values to attain success. At the higher phase, entrepreneurial journey is more unstable and a very lonely experience.

What do you think about the most effective factors for getting better and coming out of this force-field from being a mere survivor to conqueror.

Here are a top three tips that really helps you succeed;

1. Commitment to self-development:

Discipline and focus are highly underrated. We do always make a resolution/ to do list of goals, But never put efforts to align our values with our goals. Motivating gets you started but strong habits keeps your progression. The secret to keep going and keep on going is to focus on long term goal at the beginning and keep a firm watch on short term goals and honor them(performance goals). “Slow and steady commitment wins”.

2. Be Prepared for rejection: Embrace it with a smile

If you prepared for failures it not gonna let you down, learn and get better and keep going. If you doubt, you are out.

3. Give more: Be a giver to become a getter (Universal Law of Nature)

Being on the other side for the scale from a producer rather than consumer can be the biggest transformation in your life. It simply makes you valuable instantly.    

Keep it simple. Your three vital qualities may not be same, But you must hone wellness if you understand the risk in doing nothing

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