Your Gully Cat

You must have encountered gully cat. It’s common to find stray cats around your neighbourhood seeking food in your house, trash cans/ piles of garbage dumped on roads and open plots for mere survival. Urban Life is very much tougher for these little tigers than us humans. Every edible is priced tagged and thanks to our currency system it takes crisp paper to buy them. Bartering would have made it easier. 

The point I want to bring to you is about how homo-sapiens have impacted the nature, Especially the urban life where flora and fauna life has drastically been flexible to adapt the human way of life. We have been so much indulged in getting things done in our way that messing up the nature is not an exception. Last week I was in hyderabad visiting Indian School of Business(ISB) and consulting my clients, Unfortunately, One of my client had to postpone our engagement. That day I had a feline guest knocking my door. It turned out that this little cat asks for food marching door to door. This fur ball fascinated me by its persistent meowing and discipline at presenting itself as professional. I am sure anyone of you will be baffled by this cat’s strategy.

While all the cats fight and claw each other at the dump zones, this one disrupts the cycle and enters into uncharted path of door to door service with great pleasing personality and charisma. With so much mastery in execution and understanding the costumers mindset and being in-check with their activities. She knows when to ask and when not to bother. Spends more time with potential clients and refined her schedule with what works when and where. She is so punctual with her timing and understands who pays at what time. I tried testing her patience for an hour. She was resilient all the time until someone snaps and slip on a curd bowl to her.     

This furball has taught important Business Management and Ethics that I felt to share you all.

1. Pushing your Limits: Do not bound to the norm. Setting apart from the rest, Exploring something new can be very uncomfortable and risk oriented for you, but has high rewards.

2. Don’t you give up: It may take time, some more time but if you are determined to stick upon your goals, Persistence will always pay-off with interest.

3. Knowing your customers: Not everyone is your customer. Knowing who is not your customer and not doing things that can dilute your service is wisdom.

4. Stick what works and attain mastery: Training and practice is the secret to mastery. Mastery requires selecting a niche area for investing your time and laser focus to only one thing.

5. Practice reciprocity: Reciprocity is the essence of sustaining relationships. You must practice to exchange value and to do this you have to know what are your customers seeking. Fur balls know very well that humans are very fond to pet them, Taking this into account, They have mastered value creation by expressing love either in the form of cute act, voices and purring which actually is peaceful and healing. As a matter of fact, purring sound frequencies(25-150 Hz) can both improve your bone density and act as a natural healing mechanism.  

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