The Team is a Vital part of your Success

Success is never a solo project.

T.E.A.M. stands for ‘Together Everyone Accomplishes Miracles.’ 🙂 

Recognise the need for balance. Build a diverse team of “Hares, Owls, Turtles and Squirrels” to ensure your business achieves vital balance.


  • Creative types bad at follow-through!
  • Idea people who think randomly
  • They love to find and explore new ideas
  • They usually get bored once the idea is define or soon after anything practical is required


  • Planners and go-getters
  • Great at defining practical steps, planning prioritising tasks
  • Good at directing teams and getting people in board


  • Cautious types who point out issues
  • Slow and steady 
  • Naysayers – that won’t work because…
  • Valuing tradition, tried and tested methods, proven solutions
  • Good at testing early – before costly investments have been made


  • Detail-oriented people who get the job done
  • Good at following step by step processes
  • Methodical, reliable, careful, logical
  • Ensure the ‘machine’ is kept moving at a pace

Which one of these is most like you? 

Do you have others on your team who bring in the other, vital perspectives required for success?

Don’t lock people in too quickly, giving them a stake too early, wait until you’ve had a chance to thoroughly assess their fit and their value to your company.

Put all new members on three month probation Team with positive people (“negative people are like holes in a balloon”)

Thanks Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen

This article is written by Shaik Waseem

Shaik Waseem is Entrepreneurial Educator and start-up influencer. He is on a mission to promote academia to be ICE(Innovative Creative Entrepreneurial). He has been co-founder and managing partner for multiple companies that are run under investment group members listed by Forbes middle east as top 100 Indian leaders in U.A.E. 

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