Save Yourself Luftmensch

Are you one of those people who do not feeble in the pursuit of gabbling worldly success? Often a times in life, your head rests in the clouds and heart beats out the faulty pulses of intuition. That’s problem when your values are not aligned with your actions and goals. As humans are feeble and grabby by nature, You must have known and felt some of this already at various steps of your process within that as you leap to be infinitely renown and achieve the greatness what your tiny brain has set as superficial success. This is when I say is the high time to review facts to be synthesized and intuited rightly to avoid getting bland in the gloomy and morbidity of enticing start-up world. It is generic to be stressed with unknown paths of entrepreneurship but one must take self responsibility to manifest what they seek and live life in abundance irrespective of fear of failure, rejection and other fallacies. Falling down is part of life but not getting up is death.

Often founders whine about the bad market, Government,and other external factors which may /not correlate his cause of failure. The actual causation in being a luftmensch is YOU. You can only see the external world with your eyes. If you have a poor vision you are blinded to poor world. 

Self uplifting is the only way to get out of this bias. Opportunities are in abundance and are blessed to flow towards people who are curiously aware and adapt abundance attitude. Only after your self enlightenment, Your essential leverages(Mentors, Team, Business model, Network, Skills & Tools, System) will be fully activated, understood and applied to task effectively with better communication and ease. It is you who must take this tremendous advantage to synthesize and apply all the leverage to synergy. When you one-up your natural self capacity, you become more provocative to evoke and inspire the world around you towards superlative success. One of the most critical realization I had in professional life was to be conscious and strive upon career not job. I was unlit and had been for years as my daily routine values were somehow deluded into running to work for work sake, money, fame, job status, and other external factors rather than to follow my goals, passion and dreams I had after graduation.

Sadly, We all get to the phase in life where you need to enough money to buy a house, vehicle and other needful desires without consciously thinking to realize it’s all just skin-deep happiness or contentment. True contentment is when you navigate your ship by looking beyond the tip of iceberg, which very few do to save them selves from sinking hit. 

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