Shubh-Labh – A Maker’s Practice Workshop


So why do not people practise being well. Most people learn and not act upon it. As humans are spiritual beings, we may not manifest this indifference right away but you can easily sense this imbalance before they vacillate inevitably into an alfresco manifestation. Personal initiative is the starting point for sowing seeds of riches and growing them in abundance. One must experience and synthesize to initiate an informed action. As the word “experience” is what you acted upon the knowledge. It is also vital to know the source of experience when seeking the dots backwards. Often we seek information and knowledge to improvise, Not really knowing the powerful essence of experience which later ripens to be a fruit of wisdom. As most of us know everything it takes to do to reach success but only a few know “what not to do – wisdom” is hard to inherit and takes multiple cycles of action for a long time.  

Let me warn you about SHUBH-LABH workshop, It’s more than a self-inducing experience where all your senses are wired to work incessantly. This productivity enhancer has a deep and instant cause and effect upon your mind,body,heart and soul. Many attendees have testified this euphoria. I am filled with nostalgic experience of Shub-labh as i experienced intense heart beats, agile mind, ecstatic body and kindling soul. This initiative has bypassed my expectations as you learn so much more through emotional experiences.

A Catalystor initiative

I truly believe being into this circle of action has helped build internal resiliency and strengthen emotional quotient. Also aid you in attaining

1) Credibility / Presence

2) Shorter learning curve

3) Clarity on costumers

4) Traction

5) Sense of purpose

6) Inner circle great support (holistic)

7) Never let you settle and become complacent.

8) Greatly aid in acquiring beneficial information and trash out fallacies + Bias

9) Act better upon the right knowledge and make sure I am getting the right exposure

10) Highly influential and leading light

I must finally coin the Values and Vision behind SHUBHLABH. They are truly inline with the universal laws and heavily self-Investing.

When we create a psychologically-safe space which is open,empathetic and supportive of each other, feelings, rather than thoughts, flow freely. A strong sense of bonding emerges,trust and belonging ensues and Magic happens. Learn how to take membership and even create such a live and engaging spaces in your work-life, business-life and personal lives.

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