Over View

Everyday is a new day, Our numbers are increasing and more people need to work as a means of survival. With limited job opportunities, There has been a drastic increase in the unemployment, low student to employee conversion ratio and high dependency ratio all of these profound statistics are yield of weak interdependence between public education ecosystem and enterprise ecosystem. After extensive market research, meetings and brainstorming with experts from both the ecosystems, One up is committed to modulate the solution in three programs to equip students with One up tool kit based upon real time awareness and exposure to help pave their opportunity and to build whatever a successful life means to them.

Our Story

One Up is devoted in developing the bridge between the Public education system and Enterprise ecosystem. One Up integrates three important modules capable of making learning meaningful and connected with the demands of the 21st century. Learning these essential skills empowers and encourages success.help students to succeed in real life. The program contents are relevant and actual for the students and the teachers to experience a fun and quality time.